In the mid-19th century, a significant development was made in the production of mattresses with the invention of stabilized inner springs. Since then, the technology of manufacturing mattresses has changed tremendously. Modern manufacturers mostly use 2 types of coils: Bonnell unicoil elastic springs and Pocket independent springs. Mattresses can also be Springless, i. e. made without springs.


The list of other important components of mattresses includes latex, viscoelastic memory foam, wool, cotton, microgel, coconut fiber, etc. They provide the level of rigidity or softness, durability, seasonality, etc.


Manufacturing Mattresses in Armenia


In 2009, the “Decora Group” company established the production of high-quality mattresses in Armenia. Later in 2016, the Duson® mattresses manufacturing factory was put into operation. The factory is unique for the region: it is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and meets all the highest international standards. Duson® mattresses are produced using both local environmentally friendly materials and high-quality imported components. Moreover, Duson® is the only manufacturer in the region to have an exclusive contract on material and equipment supply with the leading American company Leggett & Platt®.


Currently, Duson® assortment includes more than 50 products. New models are constantly being developed and introduced to meet growing market requirements. Most of the mattresses are designed for home use. But Duson® also offers collections for hotels and hospitals, series for children, pregnant women, and more.


Duson® mattresses meet the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Association of Sleep (ISPA). They are distinguished by the high quality, unique style, wide range of products, and, of course, affordable and consumer-friendly prices.


The products of the Armenian manufacturer are exported to Georgia. Moreover, the export volumes are being constantly increased to cover other countries of the region.