For mattresses to function as long as possible and fully preserve their orthopedic features, several simple rules should be followed:


  1. Make sure the base of the mattress is made of a solid material. Otherwise, place it on a proper firm foundation.
  2. Do not let children or adults stand or jump on the mattress.
  3. Do not hold the decorative parts when transporting the mattress: they are intended for a beautiful appearance only.
  4. Turn the mattress to the other side once every 3 months.
  5. Do not dry clean: water and harmful chemicals can penetrate the inner layers of the mattress and damage it. Use special protective coverings to preserve the outer layer appearance.
  6. The mattress needs to be transported by special transport and by specialized persons, preserving the production features of each product: specific to the model.
  7. It is necessary to maintain a balanced weight distribution and maximum mass limit, which is unique to the model series.