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  • Mattresses are mainly composed of 2 layers: comfort and orthopedic. The first layer calms the body, makes it relaxed, while the second ensures the right position of the spine.
    Mattresses are made with and without springs.

  • Instead of the common wooden bases, Duson® mattresses contain a metal spring system produced by leading American manufacturer Leggett & Platt®. It allows providing much more sound support for the mattress. If a mattress is placed on an insufficiently solid base, it can deform over time, and its orthopedic features can weaken.

  • Toppers provide maximum comfort and are especially useful if the upper layer of your mattress is not soft enough. High-quality toppers create the feeling of luxury and care that you get laying in a best-class hotel bed.
    Toppers do not change the support of your mattress in any negative way because the main support structure is at the base of a mattress, and not at the top layers. So, you can easily use toppers to get a softer feel while maintaining the durability and soundness of your mattress.

  • Children are moving all the time, and their bodies grow rapidly. That is why their shaping spine always needs good support: you should not save on buying a bedding set for children. Duson® orthopedic mattresses will provide your kids with the comfort and care their developing bodies need.

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